How to Build a Star Wars Collection

So you’re a fan.

But you’re not just an ordinary one. You’re a Star Wars fan.

And what do Star Wars fans do. Buy stuff, Star Wars stuff of course! And fans build a Star Wars collection.

Luke Skywalker
Luke Skywalker

It’s like the ultimate extension to the movies, a way to express our passion about the Star Wars universe.

You have to admit, the movies are extraordinary, no doubt about that. Sometimes you remember parts of the movies. Sometimes.

But get collectibles and you don’t have to remember, they are there, right in front of your eyes, almost staring at you in hopes you pick them up and recreate scenes from the movies.

Star Wars collectibles are tangible, real, not like the movies. They are separate from the movies, almost living entities.

Here’s a little related story…

When I was about, well maybe around 5 years old, my parents gave me a box of Star Wars figures made by Kenner. It could contain 24 figures – my box didn’t carry that many, and I don’t remember how many I had. Must have been about ten.

I remember playing with them a lot and showing them to friends. At the age I had, I never planned of starting a collection, never in a thousand years!

Those action figures we’re a part of me, they we’re in a sort like best friends.

We played during the day and at night we parted ways. I’d say goodnight to them and couldn’t wait to see them the day after.

As the years passed, I began playing with other toys. Some hot toy would make it’s way in my home and would demand my total attention.

The Star Wars action figures took a back seat and started picking up dust.

I can’t quite remember what happened, but one day, it’s like I was waking up from a coma and started living once more. My Star Wars figures had vanished…

They we’re GONE!!!

What had brought me so much pleasure was now missing.

I don’t know if my mom gave them away or put them to trash. It’s a mystery, one I haven’t solved to this very day.

That mystery as lasted for more than 35 years.

Oh well, some things are better left unresolved…

Here’s a Star Wars vintage Kenner commercial from the 80’s. It’s kinda old, but by golly does it bring back memories from that time.

Where can you find collectibles?

Collectibles are like the Force. They surround us and penetrate us, binding the galaxy together.

Okay, they probably don’t bind the galaxy together. They do however surround us.

Star Wars collectibles are everywhere!

Online, at shopping malls, in bookstores and in collectibles shops.

Many fans possess collections and are ready to sell their prized possessions. But be prepared to break the bank. After all, if it’s vintage you’re after, then it’s vintage you’re gonna get, and at a hefty price for that matter.

In resume look for them:

  • Online – eBay, Amazon, collectibles sites, …
  • Shopping malls
  • WalMart, Target, Kmart, ….
  • Comic book stores
  • Private collections from fans
  • Live events
Collection at Live event
Star Wars Celebration IV – Live event

This is not a ‘be-all and end-all‘ list and isn’t in any way an exhaustive one. You should conduct your own research to find other ways to acquire your prized possessions.

Why the hell start a collection?

If you’re like me, having some collectibles – I don’t have a big collection, not yet anyhow – is just enough.

And by, some collectibles, I mean like 10-20 items.

Or perhaps you’re the kind of person who loves Star Wars and fantasizes about it day and night, who just don’t want to have a few collectibles and want to have it all.

My friend, you, are a collector.

You want to make a collection and show it to all who want to see it.


Passion is a darn good reason to start a collection.

When you have enough characters you can reproduce scenes from the movies. You can even shoot a movie if you want, heck, you have all those figurines standing still all day. Make them earn their spot!

Showcasing them to friends, family and work colleagues can be a good reason to start a collection. But it shouldn’t be your main reason.

Maybe you want to make some money a couple of years from now, maybe even hoping to strike it rich…I wouldn’t go on that road, to let you know. Look further down this post under Hoping to get rich? for more on this point.

Ask yourself questions like:

  • What do the figures will bring?
  • What value will this collection bring me?
  • Do I really want to invest in this?
  • Do I really like Star Wars? (who knows, maybe you don’t!)

When all is said and done, I really think it all comes down to passion. It’s the number one reason fans all around the world acquire such collections.

Pure love for the Star Wars universe.

Post your comments below if you have other reasons to start a collection.

What do you want?

Do you like a specific character? Or do you collect everything and/or anything about Star Wars?

For example, let’s say every time you see Darth Vader, you go haywire. You have a major fixation on him. You could buy:

  • action figures about him
  • household items
  • office supplies
  • books
  • posters
  • etc.

You get the picture. You focus on that one character and build your collection around it.

Or maybe you’re into ships? You like the Millennium Falcon, the X-Wing, Star Destroyers, ….

Darth Vader
Darth Vader – The Empire Strikes Back

Some fans will have a dominant figure in their collection, just like the example I gave about Darth Vader.

For some it’ll be about Kylo Ren. Or Han Solo. Luke Skywalker. Boba Fett.

You can collect different items and have a central figure, a dominant theme in your collection. You round off your collection with other characters, just to make it more complete, more finished (even though it’s impossible to finish such a collection!).

The choice is yours.

Hoping to get rich?

A word of advice: don’t do it only for the money.


You can’t tell for sure if the item you buy will be a hot item in the long run.

Upon their release, some collectibles will sell like crazy while others will only sit on the shelves and collect dust.

Jordan Maison who wrote a post on the official Star Wars website, had this to say about not buying items in the hopes of becoming rich:

One of the greatest misconceptions surrounding Star Wars collecting is that doing so is a sure-fire money investment that will make you rich. This is a path that will, more often than not, lead to disappointment. While the Star Wars brand carries a lot of weight, the reality is that seeing a “Star Wars” label is no guarantee it’ll be worth anything in the long run.  There are a great many collectibles on the market today worth far less than their original retail price even 15-20 years later.

The truth is, you can never know with certainty which collectible is going to be a hot item and which won’t. While some never take off, others become a rarity the minute they’re released and fetch hundreds of dollars online (granted, those prices are often driven by distribution issues and toy scalpers in online auctions). The bottom line here is that there’s no sure-fire way to tell if something you’re buying will have any value at any point.

If you want to read the whole post he wrote, who by the way is worth the read, here’s the link:  STAR WARS COLLECTING: TAKING A FIRST STEP INTO A LARGER WORLD

How to make a budget to grow your collection


This is important.

If you want to avoid seeing a minus sign in your bank account and get a second job to pay your rent, make a budget to buy your collectibles.

You don’t know the power of action figures begging you to take them home with you. Start buying them without a budget and you’ll wish you’ve never seen the movies at all.

Plan your budget like you usually do – for those of you who don’t plan a budget, start, you’ll be glad you did – and add an extra item on the list: collectible.

Put money aside for that extra item. When the time comes and you’ve amassed the amount of money necessary to buy the collectible you want, you’ll be happy to give your hard earn money away. You’ll be sleeping on both ears that night, smiling about your newly obtained piece of Star Wars collection!

Below are 2 links of collectors who acquired lots of items over the years. The first one is from a man living in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

The other collector as the biggest Star Wars collection in the world. If you don’t believe it, go see it for yourself. It’s gigantic. There’s a lot of items from the original movies in that collection….impressive….most impressive!

If you want to see an awesome collection from a man living in Canada, click on the link below:

Big Star Wars collection in Canada

This collector puts aside $1000 each month to collect Star Wars items. He built an expansion in his home to put his collection there. He even as items stored at his parents house and in a storage facility!

Here’s another great collection:

Rancho Obi-Wan

It as 300,000 unique items and holds the Guiness World record for the Largest Collection of Star Wars Memorabilia:

Largest Collection of Star Wars Memorabilia

A long time ago, in a blog far, far away…

Dominic Paré, a Star Wars fan

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