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My name is Dominic Paré – yes, I’m french, but not french as in Paris, France, but like Quebec, Canada. I’m a 42 years young single father of 2 wonderful kids! They are my pride and joy like we say!

I’m able to write this blog in english because, growing up, while my friends we’re listening to french television, I was watching it in the Shakespearean language. Almost all my favorite shows we’re in english. And, bonus, I played video games in english as well. I pretty much learned on my own. English courses in school perfected it.

You may sometimes see an error, a bizarre expression or even words in french in my posts. Don’t worry, as I write more posts, my english will get better. Oh, and the french words, I’ll use them to entertain, to explain something differently. It will be my unique writing style, my voice so to speak.

Star Wars movie logo

Fast forward to the present.

A Star Wars blog.

What’s the fuss all about, huh?

I like the Star Wars universe. I was raised in it, molded by it.

Yup, you read the last phrase right. It’s a quote from The Dark Knight Rises movie. I slightly changed it to make it my own. Pretty sneaky right?

Back to Star Wars.

I’m a fan, big time. I have a passion for it and I hope this blog will show to you, the reader and I hope a Star Wars fan as well!, my love for it.

So, how did I first see a Star Wars movie? That’s a good question you ask.

My dad – love you dad – wanted the best for me. So, in an attempt to want the best from me, he teared the ticket for A New Hope‘s screening into shreds. Litterally!

Did it stop me? Would a wampa stop from attacking it’s nearest victim? You bet it wouldn’t!

A Wampa – The Empire Strikes Back

My goal with this blog is to lure you into the Dark Side of the Force….To initiate you in the dark ways of the Sith and to….

Okay, not really.

Seriously, my goal, well at least one of my goals – cause they’re will be other goals on this blog in the near future – is to bring you all sorts of relevant Star Wars stuff.

What stuff you ask? Well for example:

  • Collectibles – Action figures, toys, cards, posters and more.
  • Weird stuff – Tongues (Jar Jar Binks tongue…yuk!), zombie posters (of Star Wars of course), etc
Darth Vader - Hot air Balloon
A Darth Vader hot air balloon! That would go in the weird and unusual stuff!
  • Gift ideas
  • Movies (we wouldn’t want to forget those)
  • Music – Soundtracks, sounds, ….
  • Themes – Kitchenware, bathroom items, garden related (I will put different Star Wars items together and create a unique theme, like the kitchenware theme, get it?)
  • And much more

Another goal will be to bring you related products with the stuff I just mentioned above. This will tie in with the topic of…

Making Money on the Interwebs

Or more precisely, make a living online.

I’ve dabbled continuously with the “making money online” topic for the last 6 years. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true.

Jumping from one opportunity to the next – aka, the new “shining, better and brighter internet marketing object” – and being 10,000$ in debt – not all that money was internet marketing debt mind you – I came across all sorts of people, products and scams roaming freely on the world-wide web!

Fast forward on January 2016, Lynn Terry, a lady involved in the “make money online” industry for almost 20 years – check it out on her Click Newz blog – resparked my interest for this industry.

My motivation renewed, I decided to give the “make money online” thing another shot. I figured, if I’ve learned a few things over the years and I didn’t throw the towel and give up the whole ‘earn-a-few-extra-bucks-or-make-a-living-online’ industry, I might as well give it a “real” go and put my 2 cents of 6 years in it.

So stay tuned for accessible-crazy-cool-beautiful-star wars-stuff from around the world.

And I’ll try to entertain you in the process.

I’ll also incorporate the “make money online” topic. Maybe I’ll build a site around it in the near future, who knows.

Be sure to tune in as this About page will be updated as I progress with my “Cool Star Wars Stuff” blog.

Darth Vader
Darth Vader awaits your comment below

P.S. May the Force be with you, always!

A long time ago, in a blog far, far away…

Dominic Paré, a Star Wars fan

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